A visual exploration of how to tell a story through form and impromptu narration, Pandora takes you through an abridged rendition of the Greek Myth of Pandora's Box.

My responsibilities

Worked on the whole experience from ideation to completion on my own. Started with some research, then sketched, 3d modeled, animated, coded and edited the piece.



Acting, Animation 3D Modeling, Art Direction, Creative Coding, Culture, Rapid Prototyping, Sculpting, Story Telling.


BlenderPythonAdobe PhotoshopAdobe After Effects, Adobe Premier.

Project Details


The Focus of Pandora was utilizing exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution in tandem with sculpture and math. The colors and forms provided contextual clues that would give character to the narrative. Small mathematical equations based on trigonometric functions would breath life into the sculptures, providing emotional impact. The story arch provided us with a destination, a purpose for the narrative to exist, and the medium that would synchronize both the visual and auditory segments of the piece. By observing these abstract animated forms, the viewer can empathize with the different segments of the narrative, experiencing an ancient myth from a new perspective.


I created 30 to 60 second hand drawn sketches on a large roll of white paper to narrow down my ideas. I then spent three days modeling, texturing, and animating the piece. I altered the form of each segment by combining short python functions that combined trigonometric equations with traditional animation. Through and through, the whole experience was finished in 3 days from beginning to end. The piece did not have audio, and was performed and narrated in front of a live audience. 


Supervisors: Mimi Yin.