EA Sports


This video game development studio was the first corporation to welcome me into wild west of entertainment, business, and interactive technology. My experience here would transform me.EA Sports introduced me to iterative design, rapid prototyping, and design thinking.

During my stay at EA's energetic Florida studio, I spent 12 weeks as a Technical Artist Intern on the Core Football Graphics team. I was surrounded by incredibly talented artists, engineers, and managers, where we worked on the future of Madden and NCAA football.

My responsibilities

My day to day required me to schedule, and organize meetings across teams from different departments.  I planned, structured, and conducted interviews.

Overall, my job was to organize and iterate over data and processes that would then increase visibility and productivity amongst specific teams.



Design Research, Documentation, Interviewing, and Technical Art.


3D Content Development Tools, Schedueling Software, Presentation Tools.

Core Football Graphics: NDA


My role as a Technical Artist at EA Sports was uniquely geared towards understanding and documenting the relationships between people and pipelines.


By understanding the pain points of each stakeholder from this project, I was able to build an interactive wiki site that drilled down into roles and responsibilities allowing leadership to understand who was responsible for what when.


Supervisors: André ThomasChris Roda