Acute Asthmatics are at major risk of incurring a fatal, or near-fatal episode.  We built the CLEAR Internet of Things prototype as a tool to increase patient education and awareness towards dangerous allergen and pollutant exposure around the home.

My responsibilities

I worked hard to make sure that we stayed focus on our end customers. I also was the person who did the majority of the physical computing aspect of this project. 

My partner Michelle focused on the research and UX, and Saki focused on the coding and the product enclosure. 



Internet of Things, Heath Tech, Physical Computing, UX Design for Mobile, Ui Design for Mobile.


Adobe IllustratorArduino, Dust Sensor, Air Pollution Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Ipad.

Project Details


We challenged ourselves to build a rapid prototype that combined both the healthcare sector, and the internet of things using off the shelf tools. The growing market for internet enabled devices results in a demand for user experience designers, rapid prototypers, and product designers who can transform familiar objects into new technologies. We are a new breed of designers that bridge the physical and digital world to reinvent tradition.


CLEAR is a node based air quality tracking system that lives on the web, and in your home. The system is composed of sensor modules that are spread across the interior and exterior of a home. They are then connected via the web to any internet enabled device. Facing the user is a digital interface that ranks the severity of the air quality, along with sensor specific information. I myself was responsible for purchasing and wiring the sensors within the modules. The sensors that we believed would provide the best representation of the quality in the air were: dust sensors, air quality sensors, temperature sensors, and humidity sensors. Each sensor was connected to an Arduino that could wirelessly beam the information in real time to the internet. We built a working prototype that was able to receive data, and display it through a nicely designed visual interface across all internet enabled devices.


Supervisors: Tom Igoe.
Collaborators: Michelle ChandraSaki Hayashi.