federico burch

culture x space


Sr. UX Designer and Technologist inspiring a more globally aware future through culture and space.


From Enterprise UX to Connected Devices.

I'm here to create amazing people-focused experiences. I lead by example and hold optimism as my core value. A positive culture is the key success.

I've also worked with enterprise software and exciting new technologies some of which include: connected devices, Google Glass, Oculus Rift, Xbox Kinect, Leap motion, and large scale holographic projections.

Regardless of the medium, I love to build experiences that make people smile.


Vendor relationship

Enabling our vendor, Cisco, to design their best product while following our accessibility and design standards.

IBM Design Thinking

Helping executives better understand their products through a responsive dashboard experience.


Saving asthmatic patients by working as the first ever Internet of Things air quality tracking system.

2017 Website Re-design

Increasing visitor engagement by using interview led design to improve usability and branding. 


Educating viewers on the mythological history of Pandora’s Box through the combination of code and sculpture.

EA Sports


Improving visibility by creating a research-based interactive wiki for the Core Football Graphics team.

3-Legged Dog

Building empathy through an immersive experience created by actors, hacked depth sensors, and holograms.

Fake Love

Impacting fortune 100 clients through design and technology in an experiential agency environment.

AT&T Design Thinking

Introducing a customer centered approach to the organization while building a better sales tools experience.

Fall of Erebus


Using  light and space to captivate spectators through an eerie 120 foot video wall experience.


Engaging New York City bystanders through a critical design sculpture addressing global warming. 


Helping people experience a more visceral and real social media experience through the Internet of Things. 


Enabling discussions through a 3D printed fashion inspired by modern wearables and historical body art.



Gamifying pedestrian traffic through DIY laser tripwires, architectural aids and motorized flashlights.

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